Lineup: 2010


Halifax, NS

One of Atlantic Canada’s Premier DJ’s who moved thousands of fans with his unique sound, playing at countless events across much of Canada; and opening for  DJ’s such as Christopher Lawerence, Commander Tom, Micro, DJ Dan, Freedom, Aphrodite, John Kelly, Tiga, Yaz, and Dekoze returns with a new sound…

charife is no stranger to the underground electronic music scene.  From his introduction to the music in London at early age of five, charife began experimenting with movie soundtracks on an old turntable his mom found in the rubbish.  Growing up with disco and Motown records, he appreciated a good funky beat, but longed for the soundtrack feel.  After years of listening to musical influences such as the Art of Noise, Depeche Mode, New Order and the Future Sounds of London, he connecting with the Secret Music Club in the UK.  It was there test pressings that forged the sound that soon propelled charife into the DJ spotlight.  Playing small events,  he began gaining popularity in Antigonish, Charlottetown, PEI and New Brunswick.  In 1998, he decided to make the move to Halifax where he connected with Murray Trider (Goodvibe Collective & the Playground). It wasn’t long before people took notice of this DJ as he started playing countless events in Halifax, building a strong progressive following around his sound.

In 1999, he made his mark by competing in the DJO’s coming 1st in the house techno, trance category. After this exposure, he began headlining shows in Atlantic Canada, and then across Canada playing Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.  Soon interest was growing in the US in Chicago and Detroit as well as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; there seemed to be no stopping this DJ/Producers, but in 2001, he made a choice to leave the electronic music scene for personal reasons,

Realizing his love for the music could never die, he made a guest appearance at Sub-Rosa, and then at reflections for Underdog Productions.  Now charife is experimenting with a new sound mixing his own production into his DJ sets, something he longed to do in the past. His new sound is unique both pounding and uplifting, “would you have expected anything less…”  “It a sound you will not find anywhere…”

“A true crowd pleaser and a hard act to follow!”

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