Lineup 2011

Dono & The Real Molloy

Halifax, Nova Scotia

If you thought the steam engine was impressive then you ain’t seen nothing yet. These Nova Scotian born producers shed some seriously bright lights on unstoppable, thick, throbbing baselines and pounding kick drums- it’s simple to see why light music just doesn’t cut it for Dono & The Real Molloy.

Both inspired by their first glimpse of the crazy dance frenzy that is Evolve, they first heard the intricate sounds of insane rocking house and break beats. It was years later that both joined forces to become what is now known as “Dono & The Real Molloy”

Dono & The Real Molloy are trying to bring something revolutionary to the dance music scene in eastern Canada. With the release of their new CD mix that features all original music from the two producers, rest assured that this will be their blowout into the international music scene.

Dono & The Real Molloy are no strangers to the international music scene, being signed to a record label based in Aruba called Drops. The Atlantica Electropolis EP featuring one original by Dono and two collaborations between Dono & The Real Molloy is now available at many online stores.

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