Lineup 2011

Metro Housing Authority

New York, New York

Hailing from New York City by way of Halifax, Nova Scotia, this flame throwing production team has started to create quite a buzz on the international House music scene. Conceived as the brainchild of renowned DJ/Producer Adam Adler, Metro Housing Authority continues to take peoples imaginations by storm. By incorporating the versatile DJ styles of Cameron Harding and the musical genius of Sax/Ewi player Sean Weber, these three bring over 20 years combined experience behind the decks and with over 15 years of musical production in most every major North American market. M.H.A. has been very busy harvesting an ever growing library of their own original material, with releases already on Kinjo Music including remixing Dave Allison’s original track ‘Brooklyn’s Groove’ which was featured on Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz 7 compilation, along with numerous tracks and EP’s slated to unleash in 2011 on Lingo Recordings, Kinjo Music, Zoot Suite, Deep Hype Sounds, Smoke City Music and Footwear among others. Gaining support from some of House musics most revered producers, DJ’s and promoters, including Mark Farina, DJ Heather, Luke Mckeehan, Jason Hodges, Tommy Largo, Jonn Hawley, Dave Allison, RTHM, Corduroy Mavericks, Ab Logic (Hoodfellas), Fiasco Events UK, Hawt Movement L.A., along with so many others, Metro Housing Authority continues to carve out a mold that is quickly catching steam. With their live show consisting of a number of live performers including anything from Sax, Trumpet, Guitar, Bass, Synths and percussion all centered around performing the live elements of their musically inclined funked out productions, this dynamic group is sure to keep the crowd on their feet with their blisteringly hot and funky vibes. Look out Evolve, Metro Housing Authority is coming to get you!!!!

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