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Halifax, Nova Scotia

Peter Leask aka DRC has always loved music. As well as DJing he plays guitar and is a fan of all genres of music. Since he was young he was always involved in music, whether it be at a house party with friends, in the car or while doing dishes…and eventually, in the club.

In the late nineties Peter was really beginning to love electronic music and was learning the ways of the turntables. Through constant practicing and working at it, he quickly became a house party favourite. Then, finally all the hard work paid off and DRC was thrown right into the club scene playing his first public gig at Halifax’s #1 dance club, Reflections Cabaret. He had gotten a taste of the big sound system and huge crowd and was ready to start playing all over the Atlantic Provinces. From Evolve festival and shows in all the major cities and towns in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick all the way to Calgary, Alberta, DRC loves to make you dance!

Peter was originally playing techno with the sounds of Carl Cox and Jay Hamilton influencing his music. He then was bit by the house bug around 01-02 and has been playing house ever since. Funky, techy, vocal, progressive, he likes to hit the whole spectrum and usually does. Recently he has been playing breaks as well, and you might even hear some minimal if the mood hits him.

In 2003 he released his first CD, “DRC- Funky house volume 1″ at Reflections Cabaret thanks to Knuckles Productions and then in 2006 he released his second CD “Darkside Breaks” at TOXIC(the local DnB/Breaks venue) thanks to Break Beat Elite(BBE). This night broke attendance records for TOXIC.
DRC is most known for his floor pounding, ass shaking afterhours sets at Halifax’s afterhours clubs “Sub Rosa” and “King’s Palace” thanks to Kyle Kurts and Deepred productions.

DRC has hosted “On deck Tuesdays with DRC and friends”, packing the house every week at his house/breaks night on a busy patio during summer of 2006 and co-hosted weekly minimal/techno nights at other clubs around the city. DRC and friend/colleague Jamie White aka Big Byrd have been doing their DJ duo sets once a month or so at “King’s Palace” and other maritime venues called “HOUSEWORK” which has been where he really thrives and loves to play. The late night crowd is what gets his juices flowing. DRC brought techno legend DJ John Selway up to an event he held in 2005. His excellent ear for music and great taste through a wide range of styles and genres has made him a real crowd pleaser. With his house sets that bridge many styles of house sprinkled with breaks, he blends all the sounds a dancefloor thrives on leaving it begging for more.

It’s now 2010 and he has been living in Calgary, Alberta and has been hitting the decks hard. He has teamed up with Dale Mannette, Joel Young and Matthew MacPherson(all from Nova Scotia). They are getting the HOUSEWORK sound and name known in Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding area.

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