Lineup 2011


Halifax, Nova Scotia

If anyone has met her and talked anything regarding music, you’d know she definitely knows hers. Having a background in music for the last 16 years with various instruments and singing, and being influenced by what she listened to, DJ Lyra really connected with the music of underground dance for it’s beats and rhythms.

Through dark chuggy basslines to delightful quirky kick drums, whirring electro to techno dreams, and various obscure yet smart phrased vocals, she’ll keep the dancing to a maximum.

Playing beside some of the best djs in the Maritimes, opening for DJ Rap in 2009, and having many shows and collaborations including her monthly Mad Decent nights, and her 50% part in the new tech duo Tektric in 2011, Lyra will be sure to please and satisfy your craving for good music and a good dance.

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