Lineup 2011


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Moldylox AKA Tristan Greer is pretty much as analog as it gets when it comes to rocking a crowd. Being one of the last men left using real honest-to-goodness records in this digital world, Moldylox can set the dance floor ablaze with an onslaught or liquify the place with drum&bass that you cannot help but groove to.

Since 2005 Moldylox has been on the same lineup as the UK’s J-Bass, the Phat Conductor/Ill Gates, Misstress Barabara, JR Sanchez,the one called Freaky Flow, Dj Muffler. After claiming 1st place in the East Coast Groove Music Award for best local dnb DJ of 2007 and 3rd place in the 2008 Atlantic DJ Olympics for dnb category, this eager junglist soldier has become one of the east coast’s most sought after drum&bass DJs.

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