Lineup 2011

Isaac and Blewett

Alma, New Brunswick

The reputation of Isaac and Blewett has grown steadily over the past number of years. Determined not to be restricted by labels, they’ve worked hard to establish a reputation for innovative music, eclectic performances, and honest songwriting. Originally known as an acoustic blues act, they have broadened their sound, spinning out into new and exciting musical territory.

From their rural perch on the Fundy shore near Alma, the duo has stretched their sonic palette. Eastern scales and melody, Tim’s wah-wah fueled atmospheric cello, and the guitar/banjo mantra of Blewett all manifest themselves in their soulful and raw music.

Isaac and Blewett have come a long way since playing the blues in local clubs in 1997. They have since stepped into the world of theatres, festivals, and concert series.

They have earned the respect of their peers, and have a rare gift for entertaining and captivating audiences of all ages. Their show is an intimate and interactive journey, where music mixes itself with Jim’s impromptu anecdotes.

Isaac & Blewett are reaching out of the maritimes, touring Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. The folk festival circuit is especially appealing to them, as these kinds of events attract audiences of all ages and people who are looking for something a little different.

Tim & Jim have also become involved in the music business from a few different angles as well. They have established a popular concert series in their own backyard in the century-old Harvey Hall, near Riverside Albert. They perform there throughout the summer , bringing together their community and invited musical guests.

Aside from performing, they have established a recording studio with beautiful warm acoustics and an incredible view of Shepody Bay . Known as “Two Rivers Outpost”, it is becoming a popular place for other musicians to record .Isaac & Blewett ‘s latest CD “Redhead” was recorded there last winter, and has received critical attention for its originality and the creative energy it captured.

Isaac & Blewett feel their dedication to their art is beginning to pay off. They continue to win the respect and loyalty of a growing number of fans and their music is critically well received. They have managed to accomplish all this, while acknowledging the need for balance between their public life and the country life they love .

Tim Isaac hails from Manitoba, where he played in numerous orchestras and ensembles through his school years. He then studied music and theology at U of Manitoba before moving to Waterloo where he continued his studies in both music and fine art at U of W. He supported himself during these years by performing regularly at coffee houses, restaurants, and bars. After concentrating on pottery and sculpture for a number of years, he returned to his cello when Blewett & Cooper lured him on stage to perform with them. He has since found a new voice for his instrument, and is continually exploring its musical possibilities. He has also enjoyed returning to songwriting, and the fresh approach to music through his collaboration with Jim Blewett.

Born in Peterborough, Jim Blewett played music professionally after moving to Newfoundland and Labrador. From 1967 to 1974 he played in a number of groups centering on the rock genre. He then moved to New Brunswick where he “dropped over the edge” and focused on a back to the land lifestyle. He also continued to study his instrument with two different teachers, and it was at this time that his own approach to the guitar and creativity developed. He has since gained the respect of his colleagues in the music business with his solid and original guitar style.

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