Lineup 2011

House of David Gang

Toronto, Ontario & Portland, Jamaica

House of David Gangis a Toronto-based reggae collective that delivers late 70s and early 80s style Jamaican reggae classics. Formed in Toronto over 15 years ago, the band is fronted by seasoned reggae veteran King Selah and whose members have included members of Resinators, Irie Band, Explorer Band, Revelation, Selassie I Power and many others.

The House of David Gang got its name from a House that a group of like minded Toronto Reggae Musicians lived in and who held after-hour reggae parties for several years which developed the musicians into some of Toronto’s Top session players. For the past 15 years King Selah and the House of David Gang have hosted the Toronto Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer Tributes which have helped bring light to Toronto’s burgeoning roots rock reggae scene. Now with a new line-up – The House of David Gang faithfully recreates the Bob Marley Sound – which includes 2 guitarists, 2 keyboardists and a strong rhythm section of Jah-Lin (drums) and Uncledropsi (bass).

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