Lineup 2011

Tom Fleming

Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia

Tom was the winner of the 2010 BigCityNights University DJ Search earning him a residency with BCN and a DJ set at Evolve 11.  Tom is 19 years old from Cole Harbour, NS and started Djing less than 2 years ago. He bought his first set of CDJ’s June 2008, switched to tech 12’s around feb 2009 (after being awed by the kind off stuff guys like DJ AM could do on vinyl).

“I like many genres of music and never feel like I have to be limited to just one genre in a mix. I listen to and will play everything from 80’s, electro, to rap, or whatever is good.”

Tom’s love for music was evident at a very early age. He started off as a die hard Hip Hop fan, but eventually opened his mind to anything and everything. He always wanted to have a bigger part in music than just being a listener, but it wasn’t until 2008 that he started to take music seriously and decide to learn what DJ’ing was all about.

“I began learning the basics of mixing music, and song structure, and then I eventually became interested in the turntablism aspect of DJ’ing. It was this time that I made the switch from CDJ’s to Tech 12’s, and i could not have been happier. I look up to a lot of different types of DJ’s, those who can put together flawlessly smooth mixes, and also those that can get away with tight scratches throughout their sets. I love trying to be creative when mixing, and doing a bit more with a mix than just letting one song play out and mixing the other one in at the end. Im not sure how my style can be described. I tend to do a lot of different things in each mix, my only rule is NO LIMITS!”

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