Lineup: 2013


Halifax, Nova Scotia

The self-proclaimed lyrical assassin is set to take the stage at EVOLVE 2013 for the first time. Born and raised in the Halifax area, he has subtley given himself the opportunity to showcase his mic skills on the big stage, with the help of well known Evolve vets KDZ, and P-80. With some original tracks produced by his long time friend P-80, and some freshly baked lyrics, he is going to bring energy and originality to take it back to the old school and kick it like an early 90’s cypher. Very humble and too unheard to be considered underrated, KAKEMBO (real name no gimmicks), will bring the ruck without skipping a beat.

Inspired by the early hip hop artists such as Big L, Nas, Talib Kweli, Big Pun, and motivated by new school artists such as Earl, Tyler the Creator, Joe Budden, and Pusha T, KAKEMBO will bring versatility and hurt you lyrically with what he has prepared for the crowd at EVOLVE 2013.

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