Lineup: 2013

First You Get The Sugar

Montreal, Quebec

“Danceable, giddiliy hooky…they’re going places.” -Mark Lepage, Montreal Gazette

A band, after a while, becomes a family. It is a collection of relationships, a design greater than the sum of its parts. This is the biography of First You Get The Sugar.

2008: Young adults. Montreal. A love of music. A shared love of music. Come together, write songs, things change, things settle. 2009: Play in public, sometimes 3 stages in a night. Relentless. Begin making a record. 2010: More recording, more shows. Sad goodbyes. 2011. Release debut record. More changes, scary changes, galvanizing forces. Fresh potential. Atmospheric highs and fathomless lows, all new experiences. Growth and learning. Anything can happen. Recording in New York with Converse, CNN, this really happening? Toronto. Indie Week.

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