Lineup: 2013

JonBob & Acid Reflex

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Quite simply, JonBob will blow your fucking mind. This wild-child PLUR-demon has been releasing music since 2005 on labels around the world and is one of the main men behind LaserSquid Music, the most active underground dance music label in the Maritimes. Impossible to define, his music crosses genres like it aint no thang, from smooth funky melodies to brutal breakdowns, all in the same song. DJ sets are equally energetic, a blast of fun&bass that knocks the breath right outta ya. Performing on the regular in his hometown of Halifax, He’s been booked in Montreal, Toronto, Fredericton and Charlottetown. Releases have been on labels from Taiwan to the UK, with plenty of Canadian representation in between. (BIG UP Severed Digit/DTRASH/Here’s My Card!) If you see this guy at a show, try and make friends with him. It’ll prbly work.

Acid Reflex

Acid Reflex is a time traveller. He has gone to the past and returned with a knowledge of acid basslines and junglist riddms far beyond his years. Utilizing this unfair advantage, he creates some of the most mind-blowing productions found on the east coast. From wonky Techno to driving DNB, his polished yet psychedelic music is a treat for the booty and mind. Taking influence from Breakbeat Hardcore and Future Jungle, his sound stands apart from the crowd. A founding member of LaserSquid Music, Atlantic Canada’s original breakbeat record label, he has been remixed by such artists as Mat Trouble, JonBob, and Dartmouthian. With big releases planned for the future and a unending fountain of inspiration to sip on, You can catch Acid Reflex… IN THE FUTURE!!!

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