Lineup: 2013

Master Faders

Montreal, Quebec

Jamie Sho & Jams, collectively known as the Master-Faders, are well known for dishing out only the best in bass music. Fresh off a recent move from western Canada they have taken the East by Storm. With already performing at some amazing events upon their arrival such as Piknic Electronik Gatineau, Valhalla Sound Circus and Bass Drive Wednesdays they continue to push the limits of bass music every chance they get. Both artists have extremely different musical tastes and styles but this does not hold them back. They compliment each other in a rather perfect way creating harmony and balance within their dynamic performances. As writers for you can follow their articles, interviews, posts and podcasts to stay up to date on all things Drum & Bass. Keep your eyes and ears open as the Master-Faders have an onslaught of upcoming mixes, tour dates and projects to further their reputation as one of the most talented, versatile and creative up and coming Canadian Dj duo’s.

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