Lineup: 2013

Oats & Kringle

Moncton, New Brunswick

2 DJ setups. Live drums. Lights. Video. General madness.

Blending heavy rock sounds with electronic, hiphop and funk beats are the core of this DJ duo, which features Atlantic Canadian producers AdamAnalog and Sonny D.

Well known for their individual styles of old school hiphop/hard rock and house/electronic respectively, these guys guarantee to leave you wanting more with their unique live show and blend of musical styles.

With over 30 years of combined experience, these guys fuse analog and electronic sounds like nobody’s business.

Expect an overload of the senses, as they add layers of live drums & percussion, midi-controlled light shows, jump-off-the-screen visuals, and on-the-spot sampling, sequencing and remixing.

Catch them at the Evolve Music Festival, on the main stage, Friday, July 19th 2013!

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