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Reveen The Next Generation

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

For the past 28 years Tyrone Reveen has been a very successful Stage and Special Effects designer who has designed special effects for literally hundreds of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. From 1985 to 1987 Tyrone was ZZ Top’s stage designer and the concept creator for ZZ Top’s biggest world tour ever entitled the “Afterburner Tour”.  To this day the special effects that Ty has invented, designed or manufactures are used by dozens of the greatest artists in Rock & Roll including the 2013 Van Halen Tour.

Born in Melbourne Australia, Ty Reveen is the son of the world’s greatest stage hypnotist “The Great Reveen”, the man who made hypnosis hip around the world and had a reputation of demonstrating the most complex and impressive memory challenges of any entertainer during the 20th century.

By the time Ty was five years old his father had predicted that he would one day take over his show and in 2011 that prediction came true.

Ty Reveen has performed thousands of performances on stage with his legendary father all over the world. Now the legend continues as “Reveen The Next Generation” has been invited to the 2013 Evolve Festival to perform his fascinating high speed memory demonstration that helped make his father famous around the world. There will also be a few “Superconscious Surprises” that will be used to ignite the energy of this year’s festival attendees to experience (what we are predicting to be) the most amazing Evolve Festival weekend ever!  Do not to miss this year’s three day event! (July 19, 20, 21.)

To see the video advert for the up-coming Reveen Show touring across Canada starting in October click here:

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