Lineup: 2013


Calgary, Alberta

Is he  crazy, foolish or just just downright dirty? He is many things but he is definitely not a Taco!

This party rocker   will have your feet smiling ear to ear as they bounce to the funkiest breaks this world has to offer. Skeemer has been playing records since he was 14 and has been scouring the earth for all the best music since then so you never know what he may throw at you.

Party big or small Skeemer will get the party grooving wall to wall. Headlining  shows in Banff ,Calgary,Edmonton and all across nova scotia also getting a slot at calgary’s biggest electronic music festival @ “CEMF” and the evolve festival in nova scotia .

Competing in calgary’s biggest dj competition and placing 3rd after 3 months and over 30 djs from all around the world were competing. Shared the stage with DVD,Bernto,pete wilde,freedom danish and the root sellers, Vinyl Richie , Myagi ,Lazy Rich. But none of that matters what matters is how much fun you will have with him as he will take you on a journey of classical music to hip hope to the funkiest of funk and bassiest of Bass.

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