Lineup: 2013


Saint John, New Brunswick

BassGrynder lives true to his name, no matter what style he plays BassGrynder creates some of the smoothest precise mixes you will ever hear. BassGrynder became interested in the electronic music scene at a very young age attending as many events as he could. With a keen interest in styles other than the typical, BassGrynder started to introduce the East coast of Canada to Fidget House and other alternative styles of House music. Bassgrynder boast one of the most extensive selections of music with a large selection of Exclusive music. BassGrynder performed with artist such as Stupid Fresh, Hirshee, Atomic Hooligan, K3V and many more. With fans from the east coast of Canada to the west coast and across the globe BassGrynder is a name to watch out for in 2010, coming to venue near you.

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