Lineup: 2013

We’re Doomed

Halifax, Nova Scotia

A jarring noise that causes the air to shudder and heralds in a slowly encroaching ever looming end; shaping this cacophonous sound that permeates all atmosphere is We’re Doomed, a three piece rock band spreading forth from their epicenter in Halifax, Nova Scotia. With heavy riffs, syncopated rhythms, dynamic vocals, and a general disregard for the genre barriers between rock, pop and metal, We’re Doomed will melt your face faster than a zombie outbreak would overrun civilization.

Keeping in mind that the end is near, We’re Doomed have lived every day as if their last. The three of them combined have proven that no opportunity can escape the bands ultra-mega- death-grip. Since their formation, the boys have played on the Kevin Says Stage on Warped Tour 2011, shot a professional video with the Pepsi funded Youth Music Movement, Voted “Best Artist To Listen To Loud” In the Coast best of Music 2012, and were nominated for three awards by Music Nova Scotia in 2011, which included ‘New Artist Recording of the Year’, ‘Alternative Recording of the Year’ and ‘Loud Recording of the Year’.

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