Lineup: 2013


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Surreality, Super-G, Vegas, SynTheTixDJ; The man keeps evolving, but the plan remains the same. Deliver top notch, quality tracks, via an energetic, inspired, and uniquely mixed set and performance.

From picking up his first phonograph at age 3, to recording his first radio show at 6 for his ever loving parents, to eventually running a Radio show (The Funk-Junction/Electric Atlantic) for 5 years on CKDU, it’s been a long haul.

Never satisfied to just be the DJ, this innovator has had a hand in running and releasing a local ‘Zene’ (Electric Atlantic), Managing the local Electronic Record store, organizing and planning various parties, raves, and club nights. This past year has seen SynTheTix assist AWOL with Jessie Saunders, Hector Moralez, “Lougin” at the Bitter end, and working on upcoming events for charity this summer.

SynTheTixDJ is always looking to up the bar with his monthly mixes. One take, Live, and filled with Gusto!  This is the Gospel he lives by, in order to deliver a successful and ever changing mix.

His drive is only exceeded by the passion on the dance-floor. Do you have what it takes?

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