Lineup: 2013

Kardynal Syn

Saint John, New Brunswick

Adam Dixon aka Kardynal Syn has been full tilt slinging dirty house tunes for over 6 years now. Finding an interest in house music back in early 2005 after going to a few parties and raves it was clear at that point that he wanted to be a house music dj. Bitten by the bug of melodic uplifting feel good anthems it was only a matter of time before he got some turntables of his own and started building up some respectable crates of wax. After a couple years of playing and practicing the craft in Saint John he made a decision to pack up his gear amongst other things and move to Edmonton, Alberta and through hard work and determination he broke into the scene and got to play at numerous clubs throughout Edmonton and Calgary.

Making a big decision to come back to the ”Port City” has also paid off for Kardy, opening for international dj/producers WoNK, Jon-E Industry, Robb G and Felguk since returning and having plenty of shows for Future Productions, Encore Entertainment and Velocity Productions playing at clubs like BOOM! in Fredericton, Evolution, Cougars Lounge and The Brickhouse in SJ and in just this year 2011 has played at the Evolve Music Festival and The Sunseekers Ball. Clearly making his mark in the maritime scene week after week month after month there is nothing stopping him from putting his brand out there for the masses to see and hear. His unique style of jackin electro house has garnered a nickname of ”Kardy Party Tunes” with nothing but fist pumping, floor thumping fat basslines to take you through the night..or early morning.

Pushing forward in music Kardy has also developed a unique mash up style to his tracks with a massive amount of personal edits and rearrangments and also some original productions that always have the crowd asking what the hell they just heard. For everybody in the electronic music scene getting that initial foot in the door is a must…Kardynal Syn decided instead to boot it down! So in the very near future and for the rest of time…when you see the name of Kardynal Syn on a flyer or poster in your town or on a Facebook the night off get a sitter for the kids and click yes to attending because your gonna witness house muzik like you never have before and you might wanna pick up a pair of new dancing shoes too or at least some Dr. Scholls cause your feet are gonna take a beating on the dance floor from the Kardy Party Choonz!

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