Lineup: 2013

Tupper Ware Remix Party

Toronto, Ontario

TWRP is exactly this: Daft Punk, Iron Maiden, Justice and Parliament all smashed into five spandex-clad, keytar wielding, pylon wearing, pelvic thrusting, wildly out of control individuals claiming to be from outerspace, except with way more lazers, confetti, projection screens, and sci-fi references.

Originally from Halifax, NS, and now residing in Toronto, ON, the five “aliens” crash land into every show like missiles made of fun, bringing their ridiculous antics and self aware (but deadly serious) epic 80s inspired dance-rock and spewing it all over the audience with reckless abandon. In the past year they have annihilated several University and College campuses (Dalhousie, King’s, UPEI, UNB etc), as well as Canadian Music Week, Follyfest, the Evolve Festival, and have supported acts like Holy Fuck, Deerhoof, Shout Out Out Out Out, Pretty Lights, Mother Mother, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, and the Rubberbandits. They have held “Best Of” titles in Halifax’s The Coast for the past three years, appeared on the front page of Halifax’s Metro, and have even performed on Canada’s Got Talent.

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