Lineup: 2013

Like A Motorcycle

Halifax, Nova Scotia

“Like A Motorcycle‘s music is a heady mash of squalling guitars, bass lines that stick to your ribs and tight, soulful drumming, with lyrics about attraction, headfuckery and all that other stuff that drives you to drink. They’re clever but not glib, scrappy but not hardened, and seem to know how to confront crimes of the heart without yielding to them.” -THE COAST

Like A Motorcycle is a three-piece disco punk band based in Halifax, NS. The band formed in January of 2011 and quickly began playing shows in the Halifax area. In September 2011 Like A Motorcycle released their first EP, Dress Decent, in correlation with their first Maritime tour. Like A Motorcycle spent the spring and summer recording their first full length album, Naked Pictures. During the Halifax Pop Explosion, (Oct. 2012), where they played a showcase with The Pack A.D., Like A Motorcycle released a single, Under the Gun, from their new LP. They continued to promote their upcoming album at their Nova Scotia Music Week showcase in Liverpool this November, along with several Halifax shows in the fall. They promoted a second single from their LP, Slipping Away, at their Canadian Music Week showcases in Toronto along with 3 other Toronto shows and the release of their first music video ( Under The Gun and Slipping Away are available digitally at

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