Lineup: 2013

The Real Molloy

Halifax, Nova Scotia

If you thought the steam engine was impressive, you ain’t seen nothing yet; this here’s The Real Molloy (occasionally referred to as Michael Molloy, of Halifax, Nova Scotia). No stranger to the electronic music scene, Molloy has been exquisitely carving booty-motivatin’ beats out of raw musical material for over four years. In 2004, inspired by his first glimpse of the no-nonsense dance frenzy that is Evolve, his focus shifted from rock’n’roll music to something with a little more energy, and in this earth-shaking collusion of the unnatural (electronic music) with the improbable (Molloy) the right conditions were created for the aural Caesarian section that gave birth to… THE REAL MOLLOY. Submit now, and you may be spared when the Groove Gestapo come a-knockin’, and a-lookin’, to burn your boring-ass record collection to the ground.

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