Lineup: 2013


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Electronica caught TheJuice’s attention at an early age, he first heard electronic elements in films and videogames such as Phantasy Star Online, Sonic, The Warriors, Aliens. Not realizing the extent of the Bass scene at that age he looked for deep sound wherever he could get it, metal, rap, techno etc. After visiting the Evolve Festival and later seeing Datsik’s first show in 2010, TheJuice developed a deep, melodic and bassy addiction.

In 2008 TheJuice902 Radio premiered on CKDU 88.1 FM, in 2010 TheJuice launched BassBias Records which has seen both local and international success. With more focus on original productions and a few releases under his belt, as well as the upcoming BassBias 002 LP, the gears have certainly started to turn.

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