Lineup: 2013

Freedom Danish

Toronto, Ontario

(The Root Sellers, Doctore de Sade, Pop and Lock Records, Opulent Temple Toronto) This is the kind of guy you would bring home to your family and wind up getting caught in confessional with, only to discover the location of a missing pirate treasure. Although Freedom has been DJing internationally since 1999 and performing with The Root Sellers since 2007, they’ve recently stormed the international scene with a shortlist for Best Remix in last year’s Breakspoll awards (Utah Saints remix of their monster hit with Myagi “Rock One”) releases on Muti Music, Swingset Sounds, Pop and Lock Records, Basement Freaks, Westway and False Profit. After accidentally selling his flatulation noises to the world’s biggest computer company for loads of cash, Freedom has become more focussed on sound design and production, and sharing a studio with childhood friend the mighty ill.Gates for 2011/12 was also an inspirational game changer.

He produces and tours with The Root Sellers, cultural ambassadors from the north who composed the 2012 Arctic Winter Games theme, played for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Paralympics and the 2008 Beijing Olympics among other massive cultural events. With nearly 100 live shows last year including coast to coast shows at Shambhala Music Festival, Evolve Festival, Burning Man, these Pastafarians jam out original bangers that ignite sound systems. Freedom Danish & The Root Sellers always pack a wallop.

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