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The Belle Comedians


The Belle Comedians recently released their ‘Without A Sound’ EP for free download as a thank you to their fans, a way of giving back to those who have supported them so far. Without A Sound is a fitting title for the album (besides being the name of one of the songs) as The Belle Comedians music can be hard to define; a hybrid sound encapsulating alt-country, folk and indie rock tendencies, whilst simultaneously adding an original sheen.

Heartfelt yet intricate songwriting centers around singer Benjamin Ross, who carries strong melodies alongside the fury of Scott Mallory’s guitar playing, the tight-as-a-whip intensity of Adam Guidry’s drums, the eerie bounce of Dan Tweedie’s keys and the solid groove of Owen Steel’s bass. Songs like “Stop to Rust” build from somber, intimate beginnings to huge, atmospheric finishes, “Without A Sound” and “Long Drive Home” showcase the band’s keen pop sensibilities, and the drunken-like fray of “Loaded Bones” is in a category all its own.

The road to this point has not been without its bumps, but with the release of the new EP, The Belle Comedians are more determined than ever to showcase their original sound to audiences everywhere. Combining the passion and total individuality of each member, together they create something truly unique.

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