Lineup 2011

Rick Rhythm

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Rick Macaulay has been a familiar face at various events and parties in the Maritimes over the past 11 years. Having had the pleasure of enjoying the huge amount of local and international talent Atlantic Canada has to offer, he made a decision that was sure to change his life. From that day on music became a driving force in his life and Rick Rhythm was born.

Starting out by promoting small parties and club nights in Prince Edward Island he was given the opportunity to see first hand what a DJ needs to captivate an audience ….ENERGY. And he definitely has plenty of it. 2005 brought a move to the mainland where he currently resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia. An exciting and thriving electronic music scene was just what he needed to focus on his love of mixing and become serious about mastering the art of being a DJ. Always on the hunt for fresh new beats, collecting tracks has become somewhat of an obsession. In an age where vinyl seems to be becoming a thing of the past, he still has a great appreciation for how it all began.

After flipping through the huge collection of tracks he has accumulated over the years, one would find it difficult to label him to a specific genre. Some of his influences include: Deekline / Klaas / Felguk / Plump DJ’s / Soul of Man / Chris Carter / Olav Basoski / Daft Punk / And many Maritime locals. There is a little something for everyone to enjoy in his bag of treats, this makes him a crowd pleaser who is always on the hunt for just the right sounds to make a dance floor move.

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