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Vancouver / Montreal

When Vancouver’s Robbie Slade joined forces with Montreal transplant Peter Ricq, the result was the ever-evolving mix of contagious rhythm and energy that is the electro-pop dance duo HUMANS. Bringing together the big beats of Ricq’s past as a warehouse party promoter/performer and the melodic sensibility of Slade’s days as a firefighter-turned-folk musician, HUMANS have established themselves as innovative beat-makers successfully fusing experimentation and danceability. Ricq and Slade’s fun, quirky personalities (Slade characterizes Ricq as an“#avacadolover, #stripes” and “#bighandgestures”) translate into their live acts, which have them described as both infectious and smartly crafted.

The duo’s self-released EP Avec Mes Mecs (2010) captures the blind, full, captivating joy of letting everything go for a while, and giving it all to the night. The follow up EP to Avec Mes Mecs, Traps (April 2012), saw critical acclaim and huge radio success. Resident Advisor awarded Traps a 4/5 and the record was featured in XLR8R, Prefix, Indie Shuffle, Spinner, Interview Magazine, Rcrd Lbl and on the cover of Beatroute Magazine. In 2013, HUMANS tour stops included feature slots at Osheaga, Squamish Valley Music Festival, Bass Coast, SXSW, Shambhala, and CMJ. Their music has also scored a number of placements including Red Bull, Entourage, CSI and MTV.

When not making music, Slade utilizes his communications degree from UBC in the Bass Coast Festival’s marketing department. Ricq is a producer, designer, writer and director for animated children’s TV shows with worldwide distribution and is also a well-known illustrative visual artist. His “Robbie” character has starred in the HUMANS video for “Possession” (oddly enough, the Robbie character actually existed several years before he met Slade).

Their upcoming album Noontide is slated for February 24th 2015 and will be released by Hybridity Music, one of Canada’s leading independent electronic labels. Noontide is carefully constructed, where HUMANS showcase their innovative mix of heavy electronics with modern pop sensibilities.

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