Lineup 2015

Andrew Vaughan

Bridgewater, NS

Charming, Engaging, and thoughtful are words. Andrew Vaughan is a comedian from the East Coast of Canada.

Originally from Bridgewater Nova Scotia, Andrew started doing comedy in 2010 by going up at a pro/am comedy night at the Joker’s comedy club in Halifax. Since that day Andrew has done shows all across the maritimes. He can be frequently seen at the Halifax Yuk Yuk’s Comedy club. He has also been a part of the Halifax Comedy Festival’s homegrown show two years in a row (2014 & 2015). Andrew was also one of 9 comics from Halifax to be recorded for CBC’s Laugh out Loud radio program.

His comedy is a mix of personal reflection and observations about the many, many, many things which irritate him on a daily basis. Audience members have called him “funny”, “Andrew”, and sometimes “That guy”. He is a face on the Halifax comedy scene and an avid polo enthusiast.

The 2015 List So Far…

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