Lineup 2017


East Coast, Canada

Industribe is a multi-talented group of circus performers well versed in the arts of fire dance, live DJing, sound engineering, visual and textile creations. Since the year 2009, Industribe has been keeping the flame alive, performing around the Maritimes in the summer season, and travelling abroad to tour during the winter (Jamaica 2011, Mexico 2012, India 2013-2015). Whether booked on a festival stage, in a parade, in front of a crowd of school children, or at a community street party we provide an experience for show goers to sense a togetherness under the elements of dance.

Our mission is to strike a spark of resistance; to enlighten the artistic hearts out there and encourage the artful expression of alternative lifestyles, ideas and ways of thinking. We dance to illuminate the strength of people-powered projects. We gather to remind ourselves of our roots and of our ancient ties to the first master of destruction and change- the flame! We ignite a feeling of hope upon ourselves and in those around us. With burning ambition, we wish to be a light in these dark times of wastefulness and competition.

Locally and abroad, we have performed fire for Man Man, Raja Ram, Beats Antique, Oka, Papadosia, J. Phlip and Wintersleep, just to name a few. Our performances include a plethora of fire toys, including rope dart, hoop, fans, staff, double staffs, poi, devil sticks, meteor, as well as homemade unique fire props like our fire scythe and giant parasol. Combined with dance and movement of many types, each show is prepared as a unique experience catered to every event. Our headlining shows involve live mixing by our tribe DJ’s, soon to be incorporating some of our own music productions. Our daytime offerings are just as engaging; spinning toys, stilting, side show acts, and offering workshops on any of the above skills.

…Industribe have a message behind their art… To bring people together despite perceived differences, back to a state of self-empowerment, imaginative creativity, open mindedness and daring. Their shows carry messages that are at times subtly political calls to action, sometimes overtly social narratives and always thought provoking and challenging. This is reflected in the members of Industribe, whom, as people, challenge many oppressive societal norms in their simple way of being; in doing so opening a space for others to explore themselves and their own empowerment.” ~Benjamin Reid-Howells, musician

The 2017 List So Far…

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