Lineup 2017

Jont & the Infinite Possibility

Halifax, NS via U.K.

Uplifting. Intimate. Vulnerable. Inspiring. Honest. All these are words used to describe the music and performances of British-born troubadour Jont.

Over the last 15 years, thanks to several unsung much-loved albums and his music being on various TV shows and films, and through the viral success of the webisodes of UNLIT (the travelling house party gig that went round the world’s living rooms) Jont has been an utterly individual and engaging presence, respected by his peers and loved by an ever-growing group of followers inspired by the message and feel of his comforting music.

An early love of poetry led him to travel across America interviewing the giants of American poetry at the age of 18 (having dinner with Allen Ginsberg in his lower east side apartment), and that then turned into a passion for songwriting and performing that saw him attract Tom Petty’s manager and move to Los Angeles. Making records there and on his return to London, “a true innovator” Jont created a music event (half party, half gig) and took advantage of the rise of youtube to take hundreds of thousands on a trip into people’s living rooms across America and the UK with his ground-breaking Unlit Tours.

Inspired by some fans flying him to Sicily to sing at their wedding, Jont took off to Australia to confront the pain and sadness at the heart of his being. To do so he decided to be “a troubadour for real” allowing his songs to lead him organically around the world. His bravery paid off and as the layers of pain have peeled away, his music has become stronger, clearer and more healing.

This last 5 years he has been living in the monastic hinterland of Nova Scotia learning the art of surrender and fatherhood. He has teamed up regularly over the last two years with local musicians Deacon Day (bass), Allan Evans (guitar) and Jon MacIsaac (drums). Together they call themselves Jont & The Infinite Possibility and perform their very own brand of uplifting, danceable, indie rock, which has a conscious message but vibe-wise is more Bowie or Doves than Nahko or Jack Johnson. Their new album An Old Innocence (2017) is just out and you can stream it for free and read all about the making of the album on the “LISTEN” page of the official Jont website.

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