Lineup 2017


Victoria, B.C.

If a line exists between classical and electronic, between ancient and new, synthetic and organic, Kytami has sliced them all using only a violin bow…but what more does she need?

Apparently nothing at all, as Kytami, dubbed a ‘music revolutionary’ by What’s Up Magazine USA, won both Dance/Electronic Album of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards and Live Act of The Year at the Vancouver Island Music Awards in 2013. Through an alchemy of classical and fiddle styles fused with the heavy bass elements of Drum n Bass and Hip Hop, Kytami has managed to soar above the constraints of musical genre and labeling.

So what can you expect at a Kytami show? Well let’s start by straightening that out actually, the girl doesn’t play shows, she detonates dance floors. Kytami is internationally renowned for one thing: She rocks the fiddle like a woman possessed… and the audience reacts to match.

The 2017 List So Far…

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