Lineup 2017


Halifax, NS

Lyra has been throwing down amazing electronic music sets for the last 9 years and there’s no stoppin her. Hailing from Halifax Nova Scotia Canada, she has rocked many crowds throughout the Maritimes and in the US, most recently playing in Chicago and Minnesota. She has opened for many big names such as Colette, Johnny Fiasco, DJ Dan, Nick Rockwell, Marten Horger, etc, and has collaborated with many well known local DJs, producers and promoters in Halifax as well as played at downtown Halifax bars and clubs and many big local festivals. She also hosts a weekly 2 hour radioshow on called ‘East Coast Vibes’, always playing something new and different every week. Lyra always knows how to melt different genres together, mixing big basslines with strong percussions, fusing together catchy vocals and melodies with booming rhythms, and loves dancing to her beats and vibing with the crowd. This music minx is sure to keep the mood lively and fun, bringin that fiyah to the dancefloor and leaving the crowd wanting more!

The 2017 List So Far…

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