Lineup 2017

Salmon Jazz

Saint John, NB

In the summer of 2012 two musicians were brought together by a strong Saint John community that provided all the love these flowering musicians needed. Here they found opportunities to open for established Atlantic artists, and the support we all need to pursue our wildest dreams.

Sam Astorino hails from the swamps of Musquash where he became infatuated by the gravely blues tones of the south and melodic rhythms of worldwide roots/jam rock entities. Jasmine Wong was born and raised a long the banks of the Saint John river in Grand Bay and found herself drawn to the flamboyant side of rock and roll and sensual acoustic songwriters from the main stream to the underground.

Not long after meeting these two artists realized they had much to teach each other about life and music. Sam and Jas found a way to bring their differing inspirations together. Flash forward and they are joined by Josh Mckinley and Ian Sherwood, who both have impressive resumes under their belts and lend their own unique styles. Together this foursome are letting their talents shine and seeing dreams come true! Rippin’ up the live music scene here in the Maritimes, the members Salmon Jazz are energetic, down to earth people who love to have a good time and express that homegrown East Coast spirit!!

The 2017 List So Far…

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