Lineup 2017

AG Alchemy Yoga

Halifax, NS

AG Alchemy brings to you Akhanda Hatha yoga. Akhanda yoga means “indivisible, whole”. we will explore the subtle transformations of the mind body and spirit through asanas (postures), breath (pranayam), meditation and relaxation. Starting with gentle stretching and deep breathing, we move into more active and dynamic poses at the peak, then slowing down to a gentle sequence and finishing with shavasana. Join me on a journey of inner self where we will play, stretch and get in touch with our true nature, Playful, Joyful and Blissful. AG Alchemy aka Alex Greenwood holds a yoga alliance certification 200h teacher training from Passion Yoga School, where she learned to unleash her wild soul in the Jungle of Costa Rica. She holds a certifications in art yoga and is a registered holistic nutritionist. She is currently working as a full time yoga teacher in northern Manitoba for half a month and spends the other half frolicking in the beautiful Province of Nova-Scotia or traveling the world. AG loves nature, singing, travel and adventure. Come along, we are here to play.

The 2017 List So Far…

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