Lineup 2016

Zora the Sultan

Kuwait City, Kuwait / Halifax, NS

Zora the Sultan is a Halifax based DJ and a lover of all music. Zora shows his love for a variety of music during his live sets. Be prepared to hear some chilled out soul, groovy and funky breaks, classic Hip-Hop, as well as some heavy, energetic electronic music. With his older brother being a former DJ, Zora was surrounded by music at a young age.

Before the digital age of djing, Zora`s brother trained for DJ battles practicing turnablism techniques but also preparing mixes for rockin`parties. It wasn`t until several years later when Zora finally decided to try out the turntables. Zora started to scratch little by little each day. It did not take long for it to become a daily routine. Eat, Sleep, Scratch, repeat. He had fallen in-love with the art of turntablism and its history. He began learning about the history of Hip Hop and fell in love with the culture.

As a lover of all music, Zora takes from every genre and makes it flow together bangin`out fun, hype sets incorporating some technical routines. Zora has a number of inspirations including but not limited to: Q-Bert, Kentaro, DJ Craze, Chris Karns, Skratch Bastid, Tony Williams, Herbie Hancok, and many more. Zora has had the honour of sharing the stage with Skratch Bastid, Just Blaze, Shad, Ali Shaheed Muhammed, and Moka Only. As a student of Djing, the Sultan only plans on pushing his skills further by consistent practice, keeping an open mind, and learning from everyone he encounters.

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