Lineup 2016


Moncton, NB

It’s 2016 and LOVE just doesn’t cut it anymore!

Unless you’ve been living under a stoned rock, you’ve probably heard some buzz about SUPERLOVE. Exploding onto the live scene last year from the unlikely land of Moncton, this is one band that is really taking off! Fronted by former Great Balancing Act singer, Jeep Jones, SUPERLOVE is more than just a pop band. As any Superlover will tell you, it’s an all-around experience, babies! What would you expect from a band that rehearses in a spaceship? At live concerts, they don’t just bring their gear, they bring their furniture, recreating the SUPERLOVE Spaceship wherever they play. When you see SUPERLOVE, you are entering a transformative space. Be prepared to be bathed in the light of PAL (Prismatic Altruistic Luminescence), the benevolent Supercomputer that powers the Spaceship.

Pop out of time and space

Trance-ending eras, SUPERLOVE is a refreshing 21st century popsicle of sound, bursting with flavours of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Expect tasty lyrics, succulent grooves, delicious harmonies and lots of eye candy! And it all sounds very NOW, babies! SUPERLOVE is all about the NOW. And the HERE. And the FUN. So be HERE. Or there. Or be Square!

Two bands in one!

Speaking of square, SUPERLOVE also comes with its own opening act, The Highfield Squares! Wherever SUPERLOVE is playing, you can bet you’ll find the HIGHFIELD SQUARES opening for them. The Squares are the poppier side of SUPERLOVE. There only dream is to one day be as awesome as SUPERLOVE!

The 2016 List So Far…

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