Lineup 2016

The Youngbloods

Halifax, NS

The Youngbloods are a dynamic duo that consists of the two mix masters “Evil D” and “Doc Brown”. After being competition rivals time and time again the two djs decided to combine forces. The Youngbloods take pride in their tight mixing style and track selection which ranges from House all the way to Dubstep, and usually consists of lots of exclusives and dubplates.

Not only are these two known for mixing records but also as promoters starting one of Hali’s favorite all ages show “The Sweatshop Sessions”, and co hosting “The Bassment Bump”.

Over the last few years Doc Brown has been on hiatus while Evil D has carried on playing shows, and is now a hard working producer which mainly focuses on underground Dubstep. Keep an eye out for Evil D, he has lots of tunes to be released and big shows in the near future.

The 2016 List So Far…

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