Lineup 2016


Halifax, NS

Foggyswoggle is a creature born out of the depths of psychedelic electronic music. This bog-trottin’, swamp-walker crafts hypnotic grooves that will leave you in a trance, with bass that rumbles you from the ground up, and back again. Influenced as heavily by UK Bass music, as by psychedelic styles, Foggyswoggle creates a very tasty blend that will make your mouth water.

He has also been a major cog in the Maritime provinces’ psychedelic electronic scene as a booker and promoter. He hosts two monthly events that showcase the maritimes’ most talented, and eclectic selectors, in Halifax NS, and Charlottetown PE, and plays everywhere else in between. His intentions are to create a safe space for people to dance whole-heartedly, and join together in the depth of psychedelic music.

The 2016 List So Far…

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