Lineup 2016

Incendia Motus

Halifax, NS / Saint John, NB

Incendia Motus was born from a friendship between two committed Canadian performers. Kyle Scott and Riley Gilchrist met as members of the Reek Barrel Fire Crew, a now defunct group named after the bus it traveled in.

Kyle Scott began his fire performing career in 1997, learning safety and performance from the experienced performers in Ash Circle. Riley Gilchrist gained experience with audiences as a professional wrestler since his early teens and began his fire career learning from Kyle. When the Reek Barrel broke apart these two friends became founding members of Incendia Motus. Incendia comes from the Latin word for Fire and Motus from the Greek word for Motion; a fitting name for a troupe which offers an expert balancing act of big fire and movement to entertain audiences across North America.

As the troupe took off the two men became an inseparable team, busking for a living on the streets of Halifax, Nova Scotia, where their skills continued to grow. Around this time the two began to train and instruct at Halifax Circus, largely in partner acrobatics. This quickly became a love of theirs and did a lot to round out the circus and fire shows that already included object manipulation, fire eating and breathing, and well-placed humor. In 2011 Incendia Motus traveled from the East coast to the West coast of North America and their shows began to grow in scale. Busking soon lead to small events and parties and went on to include large festivals and corporate events.

Since those days the troupe has been continually committed to improving the show in all aspects for the growing audiences to enjoy. They began to focus more closely on production quality and search for like-minded performers to add to the mix. Enter Jasmine Wong and Jenille Cheney, who previously performed together on the Saint John based fire crew Revolutionary. Jasmine is no stranger to being on stage, having experience as a professional musician, and trained at Cirque-ability in Toronto, ON. Jenille was plucked eagerly from Halifax Circus for her huge energy and fire talents.

These four performers share a love of audiences; dedicated to impressing, creating opportunities for participation, and going to great lengths to elicit enthusiastic responses from every crowd. From the streets to full-scale productions, Incendia Motus is a versatile and experienced Fire and Circus Performing troupe.

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