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Kingston, NB

DERB is a Producer/DJ from Kingston New Brunswick. He has opened for bands such as Morbid Angel, Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, Descend & many more and has also played alongside maritime Dj’s such as Wobble Wallah, Notrixx, KDZ, Daryl & His Boogie Buttons. In 2012, he began his travel around the Maritimes performing at festivals as well as bars. The East Coast became formally introduced to DERB.

His music a a dark psychedelic mix of Moombahton, Ghetto Funk & Dubstep. In 2010 while still in school, DERB became a DJ. Working for his schools Tech & Dance crew, the 13-year-old spun at school dances and parties on the weekends. “Music has been with me my whole life,” recalls DERB. “I love watching people dance & just having an awesome time. It was not about anything else when I was a kid, just music and that’s why it was so much fun just making sure everyone is having fun and a great time! From the moment I started, I knew that I wanted to play music and get crowds moving & heads banging!

Entering every show with a carefully planned set jumping from Moombahton, Ghetto Funk and Dubstep, his assault became more unusual than your normal run of the mill DJ. DERB goes into a maniacal energy. He stalks the stage, watches the people and feeds off their energy, he grabs the mic, and sets off the audience making sure everyone goes home Hammered, Stoned and Satisfied! He goes on, “Once I got my set and mixing down, I thought about how I could make the crowd experience better. That’s when I started screaming, pumping up the crowd up, and acting like a hype man. Now, I incorporate what I do being a front man of a band with my DJ set, and it makes for a show ten times better! “I want people to see me wild out & dance the night away”. The music teeters between strangely psychedelic heaviness and danceable devilish textures. At the heart, the singer’s intense, infectious, and incendiary vocals captivate.

In 2013 DERB took the year off to work on his music full time & to work on other projects he had on the go. Such as opening his own record label “Paradigm Records” & to also start working on his Music & Arts Festival project! In August DERB was at Collaborate & Listen & he discovered EOTO which opened his eye’s and gave him the idea to start doing Live EDM music! Since then he has quietly been working on making a Live EDM/Jam Band and taking that off the road, several musicians have been working with him on this project & it keeps on getting bigger & crazier from there.

When DERB returned to the EDM scene to get back into djing & rekindle his love for it he decided to start doing monthly shows in Sussex, New Brunswick at a local club (Uncle G’s) to bring a town that is commonly a place for country music a new style of music for people to experience! Collaborating with Jesse Lynn of Oceans of Ink (Now Sacred Hearts) a local tattoo parlour that is know for its weekend shows they started Ocean of Bass. “The show is basically a way for DJ’s from the surrounding area to come out get some exposure to the EDM/Festival scene so they can see what its all about” says Derb. It will run from September to June and will hopefully happen anywhere from once or twice a month at the location.

The 2016 List So Far…

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