Lineup 2016

Unidentified Funk Object

Halifax, NS

Unidentified Funk Object is the brainchild of Greg “Dr G” Melchin, a mad funk scientist on a mission to get humanity in tune with the Cosmic Sound. UFO plays endlessly fun sci-fi pop-funk inspired by P-Funk, Jamiroquai, and a healthy dose of Bowie. The one-of-a-kind stage show includes sci-fi costumes, Dr G’s madcap stage presence, a funky horn section, and the retro-futuristic theremin, all backed by stone-cold dance grooves laid down by the 9-piece band.

After launching their first album Space Funk Party at the famous UFO site of Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, Unidentified Funk Object toured extensively throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland, receiving nominations for Halifax’s Best R&B Band in The Coast newspaper and for Music Nova Scotia’s Urban Recording of the Year, and earning a placement in the internationally-released comedy The PHD Movie 2. UFO also reached the top 10 regional finals for CBC Searchlight last May, thanks in part to the Canada-wide #votegeek collective.

When the time came to return to the studio, UFO sought to refine their sound to break out to a wider audience while maintaining their nerd cred and the feel of their high-energy live show. The result is Old School Future, a blast of relentlessly catchy space funk with lyrics about time travel, alien entities, and a funky send-up to the classic Star Wars cantina song.

Over pulsating psychedelic funk grooves, Old School Future asks: Aren’t we living in the future right now? Didn’t we used to think the future was going to be amazing? Can we create that alternate reality through the power of the Funk? Driven by Carolyn “SpaceNinja” Curry’s powerful, soulful vocals, Tiffinie “Empress” Laing’s fierce nerdcore rapping, explosive horns, and the ethereal theremin, Unidentified Funk Object’s catchy new EP will bring your inner nerd out onto the dancefloor.

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