Lineup 2016


Halifax, NS

With Byrd’s House Music influences coming from Ottawa in the late 1990’s, DJ’s Balu and Jamez had a profound effect on him when he heard their sound, in both Nova Scotia, via mix tapes, and live in Ontario. Not long after that, he began to study the craft of the DJ and develop his own unique sound.

Upon his return to Halifax in 2000, he paid close attention to the local boys who were causing a stir in those days of the giant all-night dance parties. Sonny D, Funkdub, Cam and Sean Keating all had an enormous effect on his musical direction. His attraction to bangin’, funky house and breaks developed into a style that sounds like House, but with the balls of Techno.

Be it the hard, bangin’ stuff or the chilled out, deeper jazzy house, his mixes are always tight and full of that funk. He is looking very forward to once again banging out a set of good, funky house music at this years Evolve, on this brand new, exciting site in New Brunswick. See you on the (grass) dance floor!

The 2016 List So Far…

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