Lineup 2017



Not everything is black and white.
Things are not always as they seem.
Everyone has a story to tell.
The story of Leiya can be heard through her music.
Just listen.

Highly influenced through life experiences, Leiya infuses her music with the highs and lows that have been a part of her path. Passionate about the emotional journey music takes the human soul on, techno and tech house have been the most awakening style of music for her, with strong influences from Anja Schneider, ANNA and Nina Kraviz.

From intimate nightclubs settings to large festival crowds, Leiya’s ability to read her udiences have earned her club residencies, festival gigs and openings for many international DJs.

Leiya’s roster of shows played is impressive, including Life Is Beautiful Festival Las Vegas, Techno Taco Tuesday Las Vegas, Habitat Living Sound, Cancun’s Mandala Beach Club and Mandala Sky Playa Del Carmen during BPM, Temple Los Angeles, Future Forest Music & Arts Festival, and her second year at Evolve Festival. She has been involved with running a pure techno label out of Calgary, TECHNO.BLACK. Which has provided accessible techno music and events to the local underground scene.

As crowds dance and sway to her sets, Leiya is able to awaken memories within her listeners, taking them to a place of blissful escape, safe in the confines of her control.

Prepare to get lost in the music.
Strangers turn to family.
Cast your worries aside.
Let go.


The 2017 List So Far…

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