Lineup 2017

Wobble Wallah

Halifax, NS

Eastern Canada’s official delegate of multicultural bass music, Shawn Wilson aka. the Wobble Wallah is a full power performer, serving up beats from all corners of the globe. His impeccable taste for everything deep and psychedelic is embroidered by his on-stage energy, and his relentless onslaught of bold, beautiful, brilliant music. Expect to hear sounds from the far reach’s of India to the sweaty beaches of South America all mashed together by a true Maritimer. Always evolving, never ceasing, the Wobble Wallah continues to bridge his sound in new, and amazing directions. Weaving together fire arts, hand drumming, and live mixing, his performances are a cross-cultural exploration into the roots of the human experience.

Shawn Wilson also works behind the scenes at festivals all over Eastern Canada, as a director of Future Forest, and as a stage manager at other festivals. For the last few years the Wobble Wallah has also been mastering his skills abroad playing shows in Goa, India. Many also recognize him by his alter ego- Kindling- of Industribe, one of the longest running fire performing groups in eastern Canada. Working with his fire crew, and collaborating with MC’s and other DJ’s, he prepares every show to be a unique experience tailored to each event.

For 4 years, he has been bringing energy and attitude to every show and stage he graces in the festival scene, at various mindful community events, as well as different venues around India. The Wobble Wallah’s mission is to use the power of bass music to bring us back to the very roots of our personal connection to dance, rhythm, and the feeling we get within this shared experience.

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