Lineup 2017


From Halifax now living in the Annapolis Valley

DJ CLM (AKA Omri Haiven) came to electronic music out of a necessity for good dance-music at house parties. Graduating from simple playlists to more elaborate sets, CLM weaves together strange melodies, industrial beats, pop music and other great sounds to make love to.

CLM’s mash-ups focus on grounding lyrics with out-of-this-world transitions between genres, rhythms, styles and keys. While hard-hitting his music also has a gentle touch, ensuring that the listener can get their dance on without worry. At once harsh and fast, the next moment slow and sweet; this DJs’ goal is to push the limits of his audience’s comfort then work with them to build energy and excitement for life, in all its strange, brash glory. Comrades of the dancefloor, unite in joyful abandon!

The 2017 List So Far…

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