Lineup 2017


Charlottetown, PE

Komah is a story teller of music, flowing through all things BASS and VIBEN!

Starting his love for music at a young age by playing a variety of instruments, he finally settled on the trombone, which he excelled at during his junior and high school life.

Obviously all ready having a deep love and understanding for the bass, it was no surprise to see how fast he fell in love with electronic bass music. After experiencing his first encounter with the Dub Brothers (Sir Real, First Offence) it was an instant obsession to make and perform electronic vibes from his soul.

While experiencing a Komah set you may find the need to give yourself to the pull and the push of the crowd as you become completely lost in the music.
From all of the head banging and body swaying, close your eyes and put your bass face on because you are going to be in a Komah! Lost to the world around you!

The 2017 List So Far…

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