Lineup 2017


Halifax, NS

Nausikaa is a deep bass creature serving you mindful music that looks to both invigorate and inspire. She is determined to effect you with sound and movement that grounds you into the roots of your purpose, uplifting and reviving people on dance floors across the Maritimes. Pulling from early UK bass and transformative style psychedelic music, Nausikaa’s performances are shape shifting experiences pulling from a plethora of genres and emotions. Her mixes are always explorative, pulling tracks influenced by trap, dubstep, psydub, D&B, and more. Inspired by her travels abroad, she is attracted to music with lyrics, melodies and instruments from around the globe.

You can also find Nausikaa performing with her fire troupe, Industribe, as well as working with the East Coast’s harm reduction crew, The Tea Hive Collective. Her mission is to reconnect you with the earth beneath you feet, the heart beat of the bass, and the community on the dance floor.

The 2017 List So Far…

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