Lineup 2017

Glad Its Night

Halifax, NS

This producer’s name tries to say it all- homage to soul while appreciating the time of day. Hailing from the stormy seas of Halifax Nova Scotia, Glad Its Night is never moored to a single genre. As an aspiring producer and DJ- he’s had a nack for nostalgic sounds with slick grooves. Raised on a healthy dose of The Roots, Stevie Wonder, and MF Doom, Glad Its Night has been drawn to hybrids of organic and synthesized sounds.

Through his music journey Night has been an enthusiast of smooth basslines, crisp keys and melodic hooks. Glad Its Night has a suspicion that the Soulection crew reached into his late 2000’s itunes and selected his top tracks for their radio shows. If this is action is any indication- Glad Its Nights tracks are focused on the energy of early 2000s hip-hop and R&B with a modern flair.

As an up and coming DJ, Glad Its Night looks forward to playing a blend between lo-fi boom pap hip hop with a touch of funk. Basically, if a track has a swing and a melodic hook, he’s on board. His sets are often laced with instrumental magic blended with a soulful touch. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is cause he’ll be Glad Its Night.

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