Lineup 2017

Mizz Maxine

Montreal, QC

Mizz Maxine (Melanie Maxine Doucet) has been gaining recognition as one of the premiere East Coast’s divas on the decks since she started out in 1999. Having caught the funk bug after moving from northern New Brunswick to live with some of the Maritimes’ best DJs in 1998 (David Anthony, Dale Manette, The Magic Friend), this proved to be an infectious learning experience for her as an aspiring DJ and ever since she has been enthralled by the world of electronic music. Mizz Maxine made her debut at the classic ‘Quake’ parties in Moncton, N.B, and now resides in Montreal, QC where she is pursuing her PhD in social work at McGill University. She draws inspiration from artists such as Daft Punk, Cassius, The Magician, Oliver, Shadow Child, Justin Martin, Breach, The Twelves, Dimitri from Paris, Fort Knox Five, J.Phlip, and her female peers from across Canada, such as SoundSyster, Claire and Jams.

She headlined her first party at Saint John’s “Melt” in Spring of 2003 alongside her partner in crime, Dj Sugar, and has been playing at various major east coast festivals and events in North America ever since, including a yearly and much anticipated performance at the Evolve Festival. Throughout the years she has graced the decks alongside international names such as Jay West, Hatiras, Myagi, Sydney Blu, Mark Farina and Ill Gates (formerly known as the Phat Conductor) amongst many others, and has also toured with renowned Canadian indie bands such as King Sunshine and Maritime favorites Weak Size Fish. Mizz Maxine is also a member of one of the most well-renowned Dj collectives in the Maritimes, Ultrasound Collective, and has contributed to many of its events. She is also part of the Big City Nights artist collective based out of Halifax, N.S.

Mizz Maxine’s eclectic style, though grounded in house, has evolved throughout the years and always keeps changing, from Deep House beats to Funky Breakbeats, UK Garage, Bass House, Drum n Bass, Disco, Italo Disco, French House and Electro to classic 70’s funk, 80s music and indie rock, this energetic girl knows how to rock the stage with enthusiasm and always thrives on the pure funkiness that underlines her style.

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